(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The act of causing to function]
Syn. execution, guidance, superintendence, carrying out, ordering, order, maintenance, handling, manipuLating, manipulation, supervision, control, conduct, agency, compelling, promoting, enforcing, enforcement, advancement, controlling, administering, reguLating, running, supervising, directing, transacting, transaction, conducting; see also administration 1 , regulation 1 .
2. [An action]
Syn. performance, act, employment, labor, service, carrying on, transaction, deed, doing, proceeding, handiwork, workmanship, exploitation, enterprise, movement, progression, progress, development, engagement, transference, conveyance, undertaking; see also action 1 , work 2 .
3. [A method]
Syn. process, formula, procedure; see method 2 , plan 2 .
4. [Surgical treatment]
Syn. surgery, biopsy, emergency operation, acupuncture, exploratory operation, clinical trial, section, excision, removal, vivisection, dissection, the knife*; see also medicine 3 , surgery , transplant .
Common surgical operations include: appendectomy, cystectomy, hysterectomy, mastectomy, tonsillectomy, gastrectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, colostomy, lobotomy, caesarian section, plastic surgery, facelift*, dermoplasty, rhinoplasty, amputation, coronary bypass, thyroidectomy, prostatectomy, laparotomy, keratotomy, keratoplasty, tracheotomy, spinal fusion, thoracotomy.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. exercise project, action, campaign, maneuver, organization, venture.
2. running performance, working, discharge, functioning.
3. surgical procedure surgery, incision, excision.
anesthetic used in localized area: local anesthetic
appendix removal: appendectomy
birth delivery through abdomen: Caesarian section, C-section
blood vessel graft to improve blood flow: bypass
boring hole in skull: trepanning
brain, removal of front portion: lobotomy
brain, spinal cord or nerve surgery: neurosurgery
breast removal: mastectomy
burning away of abnormal tissue: cauterization
bypass: shunt
cornea incisions to improve vision: radial keratotomy
cutting nerve to relieve pain: denervation
cutting surgically: incising
cyst removal: cystectomy
esophagus removal: esophagectomy
exploratory: exploratory surgery
exposure of brain: craniotomy
extreme cold used to destroy abnormal tissue: cryosurgery
fallopian tube closure to prevent pregnancy: tubal ligation
gallbladder removal: cholecystectomy
general pain blocker, unconsciousness inducer: general anesthesia
gum surgery: gingivectomy
inhaled anesthetic agent: ether
joint exploration: arthroscopy
kidney removal: nephrectomy
large intestine removal: colectomy
local anesthetic agent: lidocaine, procaine
lung removal: pneumorectomy
nose enhancement: rhinoplasty
pancreas removal: pancreatectomy
passage of tube into body part: intubation
prostate gland removal: prostatectomy
removal of tissue or organ: excision
replacement of organ: transplant
restoring blood vessel flow: angioplasty
scraping of tissue: curettage
sex change: transsex surgery
sperm-blocking surgery: vasectomy
spleen removal: splenectomy
stitching of wound: suturing
tissue sampling: biopsy
tonsil removal: tonsillectomy
transplant from one body part to another: graft
tumor or mass removal: lumpectomy
uterus removal: hysterectomy
violent reaction to transplanted foreign organ: rejection reaction
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. The way in which a machine or other thing performs or functions: behavior, functioning, performance, reaction, working (often used in plural). See ACTION, MACHINE. 2. The act of putting into play: application, employment, exercise, exertion, implementation, play, usage, use, utilization. See used:

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